My Fellow Citizens, Greetings from Spirithaven! We are hoping this note finds you well physically and spiritually in these challenging times. We are well, and the farm lifts our spirits on a daily basis. The awakening occurring during Spirithaven Spring makes us realize that there will be an end to our current crisis and a glorious rebirth as we move forward into a new era. We are certainly challenged, but with every challenge comes opportunity.

I am also writing to inform you of some unfortunate news I became aware of this morning. The Governor of Virginia decreed that all gatherings at private campsites would be prohibited until June 10th at the earliest. Discussions about DID XX have been ongoing, and we suspected we might have to cancel the event, but we were hopeful that some Darbukastani Magick might happen allowing us to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of our Independence. Governor Northam made our decision for us.

We talked about postponing versus cancelling but felt it would be nigh-on to impossible to find a date acceptable to most/all and, with the uncertainties surrounding this virus, we might be faced with a similar situation at a rescheduled date. While we are loathe to cancel, we want DID XX to be the grand event it should be without any encumbrances. And so it shall be.

That being said, with only about 12 hours having transpired since we learned of the campground restriction, we realized that we cannot let June go by without some marking of the Independence. To that end, what we are proposing is that this amazingly creative community comes together (though separately!) once again, and puts together an Expo Experience which we can all enjoy on Saturday of DID week. Troupes, solo artists, musicians, poets; record a performance of yourselves and send it to us. We will compile it and post it to be enjoyed by the community on June 6th. What Say You?

Now, if there are any Tech Savvy Citizens who would like to involve themselves in this we would be grateful. As I said, this idea is only hours old and is still quite rough, but we hope you agree this NEEDS TO HAPPEN! If your skill-set will help us to pull this off we ask you to contact us. By the way, the working name for this project is......

CoDID 19 1/2

So, yes, we are disappointed- but inspired. Please join us as this community comes together to make something truly special happen, as it does every year. We welcome your input and your creativity.

Blessings and Inspiration to Us All!