Re: 20 in 2020!

Greetings From Spirithaven! Here's hoping all of our Fellow Citizens are well.

As hard to fathom as it is, it is indeed a reality that the upcoming DID will be the 20th anniversary of The Independence! As a community, we raise our collective bar every year. This one is shaping up to be no exception and should be something truly amazing. We are working hard to get our whole family here for this one, including Citizens who have not had a homecoming in a few years to a decade or so. If you know someone who needs to be here, please reach out and extend an invitation.

In an effort to acknowledge the two decades of DID and, as a way to say "Thank You" for 20 wonderful years, we want to tell you about a few changes for the upcoming celebration. First, we are adding an extra day to the event! The border crossing will open Tuesday, June 2nd and classes will start on Wednesday, June 3rd. Of course as The Ministry of Culture decided to do this to mark the event as special, The Ministry of Finance said could not offer the same registration fee and demanded we reduce the cost to $220.00. Something about the "20" seems to be stuck in their minds. The meal plan will start as usual on Thursday morning so please plan accordingly. In addition, we will be offering all pre registered Citizens a special memento, with a design by our own Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska. We will talk about this in more detail as the time for registration draws nearer.

We hope to have the schedule pretty well finalized by the first of 2020 (there's that number again, twice!) and the initial call for instructors/performers has been outstanding. We are so looking forward to celebrating with you and will keep you posted on developments as they transpire.

With Warmest Regards,

Sheque, Kay, Katie and Amber

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The price is $220.00 for entry, all classes, and meals. Children under 12 are half price.

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