Partial List of Teachers and Performers for 2018...

Music of the Silk Road

The Hamer Sisters (of Zafira Dance Company) –

The Hamer sisters, Christine Andrews, Jennifer Imashev & Maria Hamer, have been dancing together literally since birth. Christine & Jennifer started middle eastern dance in 1988. Maria joined them in 1992 and in 1995, they co-founded, along with some friends,  Ghawazee Middle Eastern Music & Dance Ensemble, one of the first tribal Bellydance troupes on the East Coast. Together they performed, sang, danced  & played music with Ghawazee until 2000. Soon after Christine & Maria started Zafira Dance Co with Olivia Kissel then added Tamara Juel & Jennifer Imashev. They had 11+ successful years touring the world with their unique style. Presently, the Hamer sisters enjoy covering folk classics & dancing with each other as sisters in blood & in dance.

Christine Andrews began her study of ethnic dance in 1988 with Turkish style bellydance. She was a founding member in both Zafira Dance Company and Ghawazee Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble. In 1999 she travelled to India and enjoyed the opportunity to delve into Kalbelia, a folkloric dance from Rajasthan. The dance of the snake charmers, known for its high energy spins, has added to her dance repertoire. She had the great pleasure of performing in India alongside her dance guru, Gulabi Sapera, widely known and respected as the primary innovator/“mother” of this dance form.

DragonSong is a tribe of artists performing a synthesis of contemporary and traditional world music & dance.

Ted Monnich
is a musician with an interest in Turkish, Persian, and Kurdish music. He has studied saz with Dr. Turgay Erturk, Dr. Tevfik Alici, and Muhterem Sur. He has studied Turkish and Persian maqams with Farzad Farhangi. He is also a student of Ottoman history and culture. He is the founder of the world music group TURKU, Nomads of the Silk Road, and has recorded and performed with the group, throughout North America and internationally as far as Samarkand, since its inception twenty years ago.

DJ Milos' spinning the best of Bucharest, and the Balkan Planet. You are gonna dance your ass off with a glass of Slivo and a plate of Ajvar in each hand... makes everything beautiful. Healing the planet one Balkan dance party at a time.

Billy Woods
Teaching QI Gung- Eight Sections of Brocade: from china, taught since
 ancient  times,used to prolong health and life and as
 an aid to spiritual development;

Performance: "Peace is Possible Suite"

Om Brew


Saze Dunya

Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska

Seido Salifoski

Erin Roark

Karadeniz aka Denys Proteau

Carla Monnich of Turku
Carla has been leading Guedra trance rituals for over 20 years.